Wist je dat het aanbod in onze winkel nog veel uitgebreider is? Kom daarom zeker eens een kijkje nemen in Leopoldsburg.


Monk en Anna: Farou half moon bag


Deze kleine schoudertas, in de vorm van een halve maan, heeft een ritssluiting bovenaan. Een handig tasje dat bij elke outfit past. Het wordt geleverd in een mooi katoenen zakje.

Materiaal: PU-leder (Vegan) met linnen voering

Afmetingen: 25 x 16 cm


Over Monk en Anna:

Monk & Anna was founded in 2016 by three creatives who just had the desire to make the products they love. Inspired by the old King Kong movie, the name Monk (synonym for King Kong) and Anna (Ann in the movie) was born. From the first Monk bag and Anna shopper the brand now has a wide range of lifestyle, clothing and stationery products. Monk & Anna offers small collections of beautiful goods, designed with great care and with a lot of small details. All products come in their very own packaging, with their own story and their own name. All these product names are also inspired by the King Kong movie.

The three creatives behind the brand are Simone, head of production and product development, and Dorien & Lotte, product development and product design. Together they create this minimalistic yet esthetic world filled with products in soft earthy tones and with different textures. The three are inspired by Japan, nature, fashion and craftmanship in general. A new collection always starts with researching new colour palettes and sourcing for textures. From there on the creative minds are set free to just be inspired by everyday life. In this way Monk & Anna remains exciting and vivid. It’s growing together with the creative team, in life, step by step.

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Monk & Anna


Dawn (zacht roze), Chestnut (Kastanje), Honey, Black, Linnen, Cashew, Cacao, Burned orange, Seashell, Mahogany, Birch, Oak, Nougat, Pistachio, Milk, Midnight blue, Peanut